Yermak’s Treasures


Director: Oleg Denisov

Screen Play by: Kirill Sedukhin

Director of Photography: Lyubov Morozova

Art-director: Yelena Zhukova Dina Loginova

Costume designer: Galina Vitlakova

Make-up artist: Klavdiya Malysh

Sound Director: Sergei Sokolov

Composer: Elman Ragimov Alexei Razumov

Editor: Alexander Koshelev

Starring: Georgiy Kaldin Maria Polienko Vladimir Grammatikov Sergei Agafonov Artyom Leschik Alexander Kononets Andrei Polischuk Irina Goryacheva Polina Vorobyova Roman Gribkov Sergei Gamov Andrei Yemelyanov

Producer: Alexei Uchitel Kira Saksaganskaya

Production: ROK, a creative and production association; sponsored by: Culture Ministry of the Russian Federation

Country of production: Russia

Genre: Family Adventure

Time: 92 min


Once Kostya, an 11-year-old schoolboy from Perm, who is madly fond of archeology, finds an old Stroganoff chest with a map during training archeological digs, a real hunt starts after Yermak’s legendary treasure. The map gets immediately stolen by gangsters. But Kostya has a photo of the map and a key that gangsters have guessed should exist. The boy sets off to find the treasure, after he has told his parents he is only going to his grandmother’s country house. Sometime ago, the boy’s grandfather, a famous archeologist, died because of that treasure, and Kostya is determined to fulfill his grandparent’s dream. Surprisingly for Kostya, Masha, a runaway tomboy, tags along. Together, the children manage to evade both the gangsters and the police, showing miracles of ingenuity and slowly but persistently approaching the treasure step by step.
  • Диплом за лучший детский дуэт
    XXII Фестиваль Визуальных Искусств в ВДЦ "Орленок"
  • Специальный приз
    5-й Международный фестиваль детского и семейного кино «Ноль Плюс»
  • Участник программы семейного кино
    Almaty Film Festival