Russian Business


Director: Taisia Reshetnikova

Screen Play by: Taisia Reshetnikova

Director of Photography: Morad Abdel-Fattakh

Producer: Alexey Uchitel

Production: Rock Films with the financial support of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation

Country of production: Russia

Genre: Documentary

Time: 47 min


Small business in Russia. Five absolutely different stories about obstacles and possibilities, joys and sorrows for the entrepreneurs in Russia. Each story is both unique and collective at the same time.

Olga is an owner of a dancing studio: she is young, energetic and active girl struggling to keep her own business and independence.

Abed is an owner of a café-restaurant: he is an immigrant from Palestine, defending his rights and believing in success.

Alexander and Elena are owners of a catalyst factory: they are patriots of their country, who have to choose between comfortable life and their believes.

Konstantin and Nadezhda are owners of a gift token company: they started a family business in a search of better life.

Vadim Dymov is an owner of a multiple business projects: his life is a story of success.