Valery Ghergiev and the Mariinsky Theatre


Director: Anna Matison

Screen Play by: Anna Matison

Producer: Alexey Uchitel

Production: Rock Films with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation

Country of production: Russia

Genre: Documentary

Time: 40 min


A documentary about the history and modern life of the Mariinksy Theatre in collaboration with

Valery Gergiev, its Art Director and Principal Conductor.

When one speaks of great personas in modern culture as Valery Ghergiev is, and his project of renovating the Mariinsky Theatre, four series do not seem to be such a big volume. It would not be an exaggeration to say that today Ghergiev IS the Music itself. The whole heritage of the world classical music is embodied in him, it lives in his mind and finds its ways through his magical performance.

The documentary genre gives a perfect opportunity to show the world of classical music from the inside, with all its ups and downs, complexities and at the same time moments of triumph and complete satisfaction which is contagious even when seen on screen.