The Elephant


Director: Vladimir Karabanov

Screen Play by: Vladimir Karabanov Alexander Dorbinyan

Director of Photography: Ruslan Gerasimenkov

Art-director: Igor Kotsarev

Costume designer: Tatiana Knyazheva

Make-up artist: Anna Kornienko

Composer: Sergey Akhunov

Editor: Vladimir Karabanov

Starring: Sergey Schnurov Anastasia Smetanina Irina Shevchuk Ivan Zhidkov Alexander Adabashian Alexander Pyatkov Marina Ivanova Anatoly Kalmykov Alexey Frandetti Evgeny Ermakov

Producer: Elena Glickman Yaroslav Zhivov Alexey Uchitel

Production: Telesto Company Rock Films with the support of the Ministry of Culture of Russian Federation

Country of production: Russia

Genre: Adventure Comedy

Time: 88 min


All the audience of the circus is charmed with the show favorite,elephant Bodhi who dances dancing to an amazingly beatiful music. But suddenly Bodhi falls ill...

The vet explaints that the elephant needs a very expensive treatment, but the circus can't wait - they are to go to Paris, and in any case there is no money for the treatment. So they send the animal mercy killing, and its worker Zarazin is to take Bodhi away the next morning. However, along with the elephant he also finds a circus teenager girl - the troupe simply left behind! And she is hoping to find the team with the elephant. But the truck will hardly get to Paris or to the mercy killing house...

  • Prize
    International Film Festival "Pacific Meridian"

    Special Prize of Yul Brinner for the Best Actress

  • Grand Prix
    Visual Arts Festival "Orlenok"

    Grand-Prix for Cinematography, Diploma for the Best Female Character, Diploma for the Best Cinematography

  • Grand Prize
    Open Film Festival of CIS, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia "Kinoshok"

    Grand Prize of the Youth Feature Films Competition "KinoMalyshok"

  • Prize
    Moscow FIlm Festival of the National Cinematographer "Moscow Premiere"

    Family Jury Prize for the Best "Adult" Role